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Monday, May 03, 2004

Gmail account

I was able to sign up for a Gmail (Google's much-anticipated and media-watched e-mail service) account last night. Apparently they've expanded their Beta test group to include Blogger users (and probably others) to get a larger group online and using the system. Given that I've only sent one or two e-mails with it, I am unable, as yet, to provide any real feedback. It looks slick, it's simple, and it seems very fast. The main idea is that one searches one's messages (1GB worth of storage) as opposed to organizing and filing them away in a more traditional file hierarchy. It's not what I'm used to, but we'll see how we get along. :) There are lables and other ways of distinguishing messages to which one would like to return easily.

As for the privacy concerns (and I'm a bit of a privacy nut, I admit), I'm not convinced that Google's Gmail is any more invasive or revealing of personal information than Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail, or any other online e-mail service. Other online e-mails services worth looking at: MyWay, Oddpost (a paid-service), and Spymac.


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