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Monday, May 23, 2005

Star Wars Episode III - see it

Saturday night we saw the 10:45p showing of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. We saw it at the Cinerama, a great old c.1960s theater restored recently by philanthropist/technologist/billionaire Paul Allen (of EMP fame). We arrived an hour or so early to wait for seats (we already had tickets, purchased online), and - by my guesstimation - were probably behind 300-350 people who had already showed up by that time (9:30p). There were a few people in costume, but as it had opened Thursday, this was much more of a weekend movie-goer crowd (though certainly a Star Wars-faithful weeend-movie-going crowd).

The movie was great. I'd definitely give it a "must-see" if you're a fan Star Wars or an interested observer of cultural phenomena. It is certainly the best of the new "prequel" trilogy, and did a great job completing the story of Anakin's transition to Darth Vader. The acting, as in Episodes I & II, was not stellar, but could be overlooked given the compelling story and outstanding visual effects, imagery, and impressive music. Yoda was fantastic, and Obi-Wan and Palpatine were also some of the best characters to watch. Anakin and Padme remained the hardest actors to watch, especially as the Anakin-to-Darth Vader transition offers such an opportunity for rich, robust character development (which was not taken advantage of as much as it could/should have been in my opinion). The music was outstanding (John Williams outdid himself), and the allusions and tie-ins to Episode IV (The Movie that started it all) were very, very well done (including a great cameo of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader's voice). We left the theater wanting to go home and watch the original on video (which we did Sunday evening), to see Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan, etc. - and to watch with a different eye now that the whole story has been told. They're great, and fun movies, and remain, in my opinion, one of the seminal tales of an entire generation. I don't know that the new ones will have the same enduring effect, but hopefully they will provide another generation with links to a classic tale that has shaped the "Star Wars generation" of which I consider myself a part.

It was a fun, and good movie. If you take it for what it is, overlook the sub-par acting and the love scenes between Padme and Anakin, and enjoy a good story, it is definitely worth seeing in the theater. I'll see it again. And buy it on DVD. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd also note the Star Wars Episode III got at least two or three references in church Sunday. You know, the gospel according to George Lucas....

10:21 PM

Anonymous Andy said...

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the movie nearly as much as our esteemed blogging host, nor as much as I had hoped to. Between the subpar acting (especially from Anakin), the totally unbelievable transformation from Anakin to Vadar, the cluelessness of the Jedi, the unnecessary cameo by Jar Jar, and the terrible dialogue (I cannot believe that Tom Stoppard contributed to that mess), I found it to be a real disappointment, on par with Episodes I and II. While I did enjoy Palpatine, I thought that Obi Wan had a little too much Catcher Block in him. Episodes I-III all lacked a Han Solo type of character, a capable comic relief. While R2 and C3PO were both well used--on par with the original series, in fact--most of the minor characters were weak at best.

All that said, though, I would still recommend seeing it. It is required viewing for any true Star Wars fan inasmuch as it brings the story full circle. Disappointing, yes, but every story has its weak points. At the end of the movie, one could almost imagine a grown Luke whining, "But I wanted to go to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters!"

5:47 PM

Blogger ghd3 said...

ah Toshi Station.... :)

Watching Episode IV the day following was fun. The NPR reviewer (who echoed thoughts of "see it, but it's not great") said something along the lines of being left, at the end of Episode III, with a longing for the good old Mark Hammill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford days/films.

I think Andy's spot-on on the acting, but I agree with him that it's a must-see for Star Wars fans.

11:49 AM


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