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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

LDS population in Utah

Some interesting pieces follow from today's Salt Lake Tribune, focusing on LDS population and demographic changes in Utah. Summary is that church members as a percentage of population continue to decline in Utah, and the church is not growing nearly as quickly as it used to.

I am back from nearly a month solid of traveling (work and personal), and will hopefully be more regular in posting again....


Anonymous Andy said...

Great post today! I have been anxiously awaiting some new content :)

As an add-on to these posts, and for some very interesting information on the LDS Church across the world, including what I feel to be honest analyses of international missionary work, check out The Cumorah Project []

6:26 PM

Blogger ghd3 said...

Thanks for the link Andy! Yes, travel schedule has kept me away from the blog. I should be able to be a little more regular now that we're done traveling for a while. I hope you guys are well!

1:28 PM

Blogger ghd3 said...

One of the reasons I found the Utah data of interest (aside from having close personal ties to the state) is the potential political ramifications around such a population shift. Demographic shifts in states are fluid and ongoing, of course, as is the political map of the country made up of those states. Utah has been solidly in the Republican column for a few decades now, though remember: this was not always so. Utah used to be a very reliable Democratic state (remember it was the Republican Party whose platform in the late 19th Century called for the extermination/extinction of the "twin relics of barbarism", which included polygamy, and the GOP was not smiled upon by many Utah residents for a long time). I wonder to what extent the State's political makeup, and, in turn, its political leadership, will shift and change in the coming decades. I had thought Scott Matheson, Jr. had a chance in the last gubernatorial race; it may be in the not-too-distant future that Utah sees another Democrat in the Executive Residence.

The church in inextricably tied to Utah, its history, and its population, and I thought these provided some interesting insights.

1:47 PM


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