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Monday, October 24, 2005

GFW on HM: Defending The Indefensible

Some tough words from George Will on the Miers nomination. I don't think anyone now knows where this nomination is headed...

Defending The Indefensible:

"And Democrats, with their zest for gender politics, need this reminder: To give a woman a seat on a crowded bus because she is a woman is gallantry. To give a woman a seat on the Supreme Court because she is a woman is a dereliction of senatorial duty. It also is an affront to mature feminism, which may bridle at gallantry but should recoil from condescension.

"As for Republicans, any who vote for Miers will thereafter be ineligible to argue that it is important to elect Republicans because they are conscientious conservers of the judicial branch's invaluable dignity. Finally, any Republican senator who supinely acquiesces in President Bush's reckless abuse of presidential discretion -- or who does not recognize the Miers nomination as such -- can never be considered presidential material."


Anonymous andy said...

This has been an enormously interesting study in politics. Should the Democrats like Miers because the Republicans don't? Should the Republicans try to look more united and support the President? If the Democrats oppose Miers and succeed in rejecting her nomination, will they get someone better? Can there be no middle ground, someone that both sides are delighted to have on the Court? (Yes, I know the answer to this.)

That said, I think that George Will's vitriolic commentary is too much. His overly-caustic tone makes him sound like a sour-grapes conservative who's going to take his ball and go home because Bush isn't playing his way. Althogh I often disagree with his politics, I usually enjoy Will's writing--but I'll skip a second reading of this piece.

6:13 PM


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