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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Behold, Yahoo! Mail beta

I just got my invitation to the new Yahoo! Mail Beta. Very, very slick. Too soon for a full review (I've been using it ten minutes), but this much I will say: Yahoo! and Microsoft are going to have a horserace on their hands as to which ends up being king of web-based e-mail. I'm using betas of both companies' new services, and they are both very, very nice, and represent a huge leap forward for web-based mail. Gmail, which I know a lot of people love, just can't hold a candle (in its current form) to either of these services. And while Gmail has a slight (and only a slight, ~0.5 GB) advantage over Yahoo Mail Beta and Windows Live Mail beta in terms of storage, if Google doesn't do some serious revamping of its mail sometime soon, I think those who rely on e-mail heavily will be sticking with Yahoo's or Microsoft's.

Perhaps I'll have time to offer a more thorough review sometime soon....


Anonymous Andy said...

If you have a chance to send invites out, you know who could use one... :)

5:34 PM


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