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Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Hi, I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC."

Apple's doing a big push right now, and has some great new ads that are hilarious. See:

The Mac character, of course, is relaxed, hip, a little dis-sheveled, and gets the attractive camera; the PC is wearing a coat and tie, glasses, and is certainly more staid. A friend wondered if there was an intentional resemblance between the PC actor and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Good ads, and Apple is pushing hard after its new Intel-based Macs released a few months ago. This could be an important opportunity for Apple, as Windows Vista won't be available broadly until early next year (i.e. it'll miss the holiday season), and Apple's Boot Camp software removes some(?) of the hesitation of Wintel faithful who may prefer Mac hardware.

I have a friend who just purchased the new 17" Intel-based PowerBook for work, and he's in an-almost-strictly-Windows environment. Apple's next generation OS is also reportedly slipping a bit, but with Apple's more consistent (and shorter) release cycle, it likely won't generate too much negative press. The holiday season, however, even with Vista-ready PCs available in the market, could be a real boon to the folks in Cupertino.

Microsoft is not incapable of some great humor as well, as witnessed in the recently-spread-like-wildfire iPod Parody video.

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And this.


Anonymous Andy said...

These commercials are terrific--like so many of Apple's marketing efforts, including their peerless packaging (inside and out). I like both actors (Justin Long, who used to be on the TV show "Ed", plays the Mac, while John Hodgman, who is sometimes on "The Daily Show", plays the PC), especially Hodgman. Check out his website:

8:50 PM


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