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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Warner's out for '08

The news first came in this morning. MSNBC's summary is here. Mark Warner, former Democratic governor of Virginia (he was governor while we lived there) will not seek the Democratic party's nomination for President in 2008. Watching him in Virginia, and watching him "campaign" in recent months (he visited Seattle not too long ago and spoke to a group which I attended), I thought he'd be a formidable and compelling candidate. In some respects Mark Warner could have been for the Democrats what Mitt Romney might prove to be for the Republicans (though Mitt's already started to swing to his base in a way that Warner likely would not): a centrist, moderate governor of an opposition-led state with a stong, results-oriented, business background. [Interesting piece from The Economist on Mitt and his faith here.]

If one takes Warner at his word, he's doing it because he's unwilling to make the sacrifice on his family. It is unfortunate that politics has become so complicated, time-consuming, and mean-spirited, that good men and women bow out rather than putting themselves forth into the trials of public service.

The race for '08 will be a little less interesting to watch without Warner's presence, but it does open the Democratic field a little bit. An interesting piece in this month's Atlantic discusses Hillary's position, and how her success in the Senate may not be to her advantage in seeking the presidency, should she decide to do so.


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