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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Talk about a news cycle

Election Day yesterday. In my sister's words: "Election Day is like the Super Bowl for you, isn't it?" I was able to duck out of work a little early and get home to start watching the returns come in (one advantage to living on the west coast is that election returns don't require the same late-night committment that they do in the east). I had to run to a meeting at one point during the evening, but not before learning that the Democrats would assume control of the house. By the end of the evening, of course, it was clear that not only would they gain control, but that they would win a substantial majority. After 12 years of Republican control in Congress, yesterday's turn was significant for many reasons, and perhaps doubly notable given the redistricting that has occurred over time to align and protect incumbents' districts. Voters were in a feisty mood. While it still hinges on the Allen-Webb race in Virginia, the Democrats are on the verge of a senate majority as well. [Update, Wednesday p.m.: NBC & Associated Press are calling the VA race for Webb, meaning Democrats gain Senate control as well.] Gubernatorial races, ballot initiatives, it was quite an evening for the political junkies out there. I'll hope to post some post-election thoughts at some point. 

Then, this morning, news that Secretary of Defense  Donald Rumsfeld, who serves at the pleasure of the President, is stepping down, to be replaced by former CIA director and current Texas A&M President Robert Gates (who also sits on the blue ribbon commission on Iraq).

Then, also, word this morning that Microsoft has released to manufacturing (RTM) the latest version of its desktop operating system, Windows Vista, with late-November availability for volume licensing and business customers, and general customer availability in January 2007 (just after the holidays).

It was a late night, but my wife put up with me and didn't complain about my staying up with two laptops refreshing pages until the wee hours of the morning. (Truth is, I should have just gone to bed once it became clear that Tester would win and VA would remain in limbo, but oh well.)

November's a great month. And the coming days and weeks should see plenty of analysis and prediction and hindsight, but the coming weeks and months are also likely to bring some marked changes in the political tenor in Washington, D.C., U.S. foreign policy, and Congressional oversight of Government agencies. 


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