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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Online spreadsheets

A comment (thank you) made on an earlier post about online spreadsheets led me to some new online spreadsheet tools with which I was not familiar: EditGrid and Numbler.

Like Google Spreadsheets, which I've written about earlier, these are both online spreadsheets that allow for sharing and collaborating on a spreadsheet online, as opposed to using a local client copy. And boy, both appear to put Google Spreadsheets to shame. I spent some time playing with EditGrid, and the functionality and capability of the spreadsheet is far superior to that of Google Spreadsheets, which I've used for a few things in the past. Google spreadsheets has the advantage of Google's brand, and the Google Account login, but in its current itieration, has nowhere near the functionality that EditGrid appears to.

It's not as fast or seamless as a local copy of Excel is going to be, but in terms of its formulas, abilities to auto-generate cells based on patterns, etc., it's much more Excel-like than Google's offering.

If you're looking for an online spreadsheet tool, I would definitely look into the above.

Thanks Cliff for the tip....


Blogger cliff said...

It is great to hear that you like the application.

10:05 PM

Anonymous andy said...

After taking a quick look at EditGrid, I would agree that it is more robust that Google Spreadsheets. But for me, it's really not that different, at least right now. If I'm going to be using many advanced functions, I will also be dealing with a large amount of data and will want a lot better performance than any (current) online application can offer. Even Excel on a very new, well-stocked local machine is too slow for me in many of these cases.

Google Spreadsheets is about right for what I need from an online app: easy to use, easy to share, and just the basic functionality. Before I give up on my local apps, there will have to be order-of-magnitude improvements in remote applications.

6:04 PM


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