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Propono, ergo sum?

Friday, June 25, 2004

Utahns deny ties to Rev. Moon's bizarre D.C. event

Not only Utah legislators were involved, and those that were have varying degrees of explanation, but this piece intrigued me a) because Mr. Moon is a nut, and b) because it demonstrates the degree to which people are often willing to hitch their horses to another's wagon because of money (i.e. political contributions), ideology, or both. Also of interest b/c this event occured in March, and has only now begun to be picked up by more mainstream news organizations. As so often happens, this got lots of attention online and then filtered up to larger news outlets.

It seems to me that a smart political conservative would know better than to get in bed with the likes of Mr. Moon.

Links to stories from Salt Lake papers are below....,1249,595072917,00.html


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