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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Wall Street Welcomes Blackboard

Five years ago I joined a start-up Internet software company called Campus Pipeline. Campus Pipeline sold software solutions (primary product was an integrating web portal) to colleges and universities, and one of our biggest rivals (and one of the companies we all watched closely) was Blackboard, a company I even considered working for at one point. Pipeline had a great run, and its software is still used at many colleges and universities around the country. It was eventually acquired by SCT Corporation (formerly Nasdaq: SCTC), which was then, in turn, acquired by Sun Gard Data Systems, Inc. (NYSE: SDS).

Thinking back on that unique time and experience, it was with some interest that I noted that Blackboard, Pipeline's old one-time rival, recently underwent an initial public offering. The two companies had different missions, purposes, and products, but reading about Blackboard's success (about which I must congratulate the company heartily -- it is a great industry to be in) did cause me to pause and reflect briefly upon what might have been....

So, congratulations Blackboard. You're having a good run. :)

Wall Street Welcomes Blackboard


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