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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Atlantic:The Holy Cow! Candidate

Piece in most recent Atlantic (mine hasn't arrived yet, but I got the e-mail for the Sept. issue) on Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as a potential (and potentially viable) presidential contender. The Atlantic poses the same question discussed here a few months ago, viz., whether solidly-conservative Republian "red-state fundamentalists" could bring themselves to rally round a Latter-day Saint/Mormon, to whom Governor Romney's faith may be anathema:

"But here's betting that Romney won't fade away. There are too many things in his favor. To name just a few: As a Republican in a Democratic state, he can plausibly claim to be a moderate when it suits him. He has an illustrious pedigree (his father was a Cabinet secretary as well as a governor and a presidential candidate). He has an impressive business background (which is attractive to both Main Street and Wall Street Republicans). His stands against stem-cell research and gay marriage, as well as abortion, make him appealing to social conservatives. His state adjoins New Hampshire, site of the first primary. And at fifty-eight he is virile and handsome. The guy just looks like a president—hardly a negligible consideration. The abiding uncertainty is how his Mormonism will play. Much depends on whether it is seen as irrelevant, as an interesting quirk, or—worst case—as something that will scare off both red-state fundamentalists (who have sometimes seen Mormonism as non-Christian) and blue-state secularists. " (empasis added)

The Atlantic Online | September 2005 | The Holy Cow! Candidate | Sridhar Pappu: "The Holy Cow! Candidate

Mitt Romney, the governor of Massachusetts, loves data, hates waste, and reveres Dwight Eisenhower. He's also the Next Big Thing in the Republican Party. But can anyone so clean-cut, so pure of character, and (by gosh!) so square overcome the 'two Ms'--Mormonism and Massachusetts--to be our next president? "


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