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Friday, August 25, 2006

the Longboard

Two weeks ago, on our way to breakfast at the Pig N' Whistle for KHD's birthday, we stopped by a neighborhood Garage Sale. There, in the bright light of a beautiful Saturday morning, she sat: a skateboard. Not just any skateboard, mind you, but a full-on "longboard," great for cruising around the neighborhood, around the lake, and just a lot of fun. It is a Sector 9 Luke Nosewalker. The price (after negotiation) was reasonable (a little less than a third of what it would cost new), and I took it home (though not until I'd almost broken my neck trying it out).

I'd been thinking about a skateboard for a long time, especially as a great way to get around the lake, to the bus stop, to the tennis courts, etc. I'd never ridden a longboard, though, and don't know that I necessarily would have considered one, had I not found one for sale at a garage sale.

Long story short: it is great! My wife chuckles at me a bit, but it is a lot of fun to ride, and because of its size, quite stable.


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