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Friday, August 17, 2007

Interesting perspective on welfare reform

Especially this:

But since completing her undergraduate degree - she now also has a doctorate and master's degree in social work - Stevens figures she has paid about $113,000 in federal income taxes. That's $97,000 more than was spent on her in cash and food stamps, a 600 percent return on the government's investment.
    Her contributions don't end there, having spent a stint as treatment director for Salt Lake County's Division of Substance Abuse.
    Had she forsaken school for minimum wage work, earning about $10,712 annually, she wouldn't have paid federal taxes until her children reached 18; her payback totalling $13,000 by the time she reached 65.


Blogger E. R. Dunhill said...

Interesting blog. Have you read Peter Barnes' Capitalism 3.0? The author has some interesting ideas on the use of common wealth as a source of funds for higher education for people at all levels of income.

8:58 AM


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