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Friday, August 12, 2005

Techsmart: Dell Is the Bore of the Century

Interesting thoughts on Dell from's Monica Rivituso:

"It is a model of efficiency and a profit machine. It has single-handedly revolutionized the PC business. It's also about the most predictable, tedious company in the entire tech sector. There, I said it. [...]

"So, this is where we are. Thanks to Dell we have a shining model of American manufacturing at its most boring. Thanks to Dell our landfills are fat and full of discarded computers, monitors, shards of glass and splinters of putty-colored plastic. Our groundwater is tainted with petroleum-based chemicals. And our lives are made all the more mundane by one more company that has so streamlined every nuance of a process that there isn't a drop of innovation left to write about, much less care about. [...]

"Now, if Dell delved into the waste-management business, mobilized its world-wide work force to knit alpaca ponchos for underprivileged children or cooked up some money maker of a reality show with David Cross that could be digitally downloaded onto every gadget it sells, maybe then it would pique my interest." Techsmart: Dell Is the Bore of the Century


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